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Belize Company offers incorporation services for a Belize Company. There are substantial benefits for the establishment of a Belize Company that does not operate within Belize. With the company you will receive your corporate seal, articles of incorporation and business memorandum. With a Belize Company, will establish a bank account in Belize. We have relationships with secure, convenient, large banks in Belize. The offshore bank account will have the name of your private company, which is a major benefit for privacy and asset protection. Your Belize Company can do business with other countries. Having the offshore bank account titled to the Belize Company allows money to be stored for a future emergency or hide money form those who would like to take your money in a lawsuit. We also provide the legally required local registered agent. Need a phone number, fax number, or mail forwarding? We offer a program for your Belize Company.

Belize Company + Belize bank account = Asset protection and financial privacy.

1. The Belize Company is only $1495 US
2. The Belize bank account is only $350 US
Total: Only $1845 US

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FREE Consultations on offshore business formation, and asset protection from lawsuits.

CALL 1-800-830-1055

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I learned a lot about how exposed I was to lawsuits and judgements, I protected my wealth with several instruments.

- J.P. Dumini

I’ve learned that nobody wins in a lawsuit, the only way to ensure that you don’t lose, is to have something in place when you need it.

- J.M. Ansen, Los Angeles