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Incorporation of a Bermuda Company

In 1609 Bermuda was settled by shipwrecked English Colonists heading for Virginia. Bermuda is a group of islands east of South Carolina in the North Atlantic ocean. The islands are approximately one third the size of Washington, DC. The official language is English. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton. International Businesses have began to take over Bermudas economy. Bermuda has become a successful offshore financial center. Economy primarily based on providing financial services for internation business.

Bermuda Company

The ROC registers all Limited Liability Companies, which include Local Companies, Foreign Sales Corporations, Exempted Companies and Overseas Companies under the guidelines of The Companies Act 1981. The Companies Act first came into operation 1 July 1983.

There are several types of entities available in Bermuda. The types of companies are limited liability, unlimited liability and liability limited by guarantee. A limited liability company is limited to the amount of shares.



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